Uullu is a leading digital advertising company that offers interactives solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.

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The leading advertising platform for the open Internet.

Increase website traffic

Showcase your brand with relevant product offers and flexible creative. With intelligent product recommendations, your ads will automatically feature the products most likely to trigger visits and engagement.

Increase app traffic

Get app engagement from new customers on mobile web, other apps, and across devices. Promote special offers that directly link to the product page within your app to increase traffic and secure a lasting customer relationship.

Increase awareness

With knowledge from 80 million active monthly shoppers, Uullu can help you serve ads to totally new audiences based on their unique browsing and buying habits. This is brand awareness with purpose.

Increase website conversions

Showcase your products with interactive advertising that generates a 15x return on ad spend by displaying specials and hyper-relevant offers wherever they are.

Get more video views

Uullu can ensure that your ads are shown to unique audiences who are more likely to watch, learn, and engage with your brand. With direct access to thousands of premium publishers and video inventory, get more views, longer watch times, and more engagement.

Make ads that sell products.

Drive conversions on your website, app, or in-store with hyper-relevant, dynamic interactive ads. Reach the right consumers with flexible audience targeting and a full range of creative formats.

Spend Your Budget Your Way

Not all traffic is created equal. With a focus on quality over quantity, Uullu helps advertisers tap into highly engaged audiences at all stages of the marketing funnel, enabling brands to expand reach, develop loyal customers, and increase sales.

  • Granular targeting & optimization tools
  • High quality traffic. Premium publishers.
  • Real time reporting

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